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In a lightning storm.

When it rains.. storms.. pours.. and the electricity goes out..
We know it will come back on.. and we believe it will at some point. (provided the bill is paid to date) It is something we believe we can count on.. and it happens. Whether it is in a few hours.. seconds.. minutes.. It happens.

What if we were certain that the electricity would not come back on.. and we believed it wouldn't.. and everyone believed it wouldn't.. Do you think it would not?

Is Faith only based on what we can believe that is in all ways reasonable? What is hope..? Is it the candle we light while we sit in the dark and wait for the power to return?

When all our electronic distractions are gone.. and all that is left are people.. hearts and minds.. The glow of candles.. and we have to trust one another not to put out the flame..
What happens then?

Everytime I light a candle.. I search for something that will blow it out.. and I am left in the dark again. Alone. Someone lends me a match, I'll relight it.. but that uncontrollable gust of wind seems to sear through the smallest crevice I leave unwatched.

I was once a person of unshakable faith. Still, I try to hold on to hope, try to make it from day to day.. Try to protect myself from the wind the next moment may bring.. All I want is to be held on to in the dark.. for someone to stroke my hair and reassure me the lights will come back on.. that it wasn't me that made them go out..

But in the real world.. that means you need something to make it other than yourself.. and most of us know.. at least for me that is a dream.

-=In on the waterfront, she says
All she needs is therapy..
All you need is love, is all you need =-
~*Rattlesnakes - Tori Amos (Strange Little Girls [2001])*~
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