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Something about Johnny

Wow, I got a real dose of 'you don't know what you gave away, until it's gone' Johnny came up to Austin this weekend for a visit and it has to be the most theraputic experience I have had this year. It made me realize how much I miss my true friends.
I also really regret being such an indecisive bitch to him. The things I was letting get in the way of what apparently could have been very happy.. Don't really seem like such an issue now.. maybe I have grown up more.. Ah, glorious regret... All I can do now is miss him, and miss my other friends that I had a chance to grow extra close to.. try to stay optimistic and keep pressing forward. I hope time will shift things into my court. Until then.. if you are someone I fucked over in the last few years.. please accept my apologies, and I love you.
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