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Ice Cream for Breakfast

It seems to make an already really long day a little better when you can have ice cream for breakfast. Sometimes I feel sorry for small children not being able to decide for themselves what they can and can't eat, and when. I hardly ever follow any standard of eating, except that if I cook more than a one course meal. I usually have everyone sit at the table for the meal. I like cereal for dinner sometimes.. and other times I can eat a blueberry bagel with cream cheese everytime my tummy growls in a day. I have been trying to cut down on my starch intake though.. I guess after so many years of eating pasta, you just grow tired of it. I can make a wide array of kick ass pasta sauces though.

On a different note, I am still sick and Anthony (hiruke) just had a tooth pulled. I feel bad for him though he says it doesn't hurt yet. They did the proceedure in less than 30 minutes.. I was surprised at how they can just rip a tooth out, take your money,and tell you bye. I mean it took twice that long to get his prescriptions filled. It's retarded that insurance limits the places you can have your prescriptions filled at. It's not enough that you already pay them monthly for the coverage.. then they make you go out fo your way to figure out which places you can get your medicines at. We ended up going to 2 pharmacies. Not that I mind the drive, Anthony's car makes it seem fun I guess. I like to drive it.

Anyway it seems like he is waiting his turn to make fun of the trash someone left on their car wayyyy before we left today that is still there 2 hours later. It's as if they expect some good willed person to valet it over the dumptser for them. I sure miss apartments that actually do pick up your trash for you. We get charged for everything here; quite literally. I will go into that another time though. ^_^
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