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still awake.

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good one!
omfg is that ALL?? where the HELL have you BEEN?????? hahahah
I've been in phoenix the whole time... i have been laying low for the most part - especially since you left.
i quit mci, moved to north phoenix with some friends i met on lj, worked as a butcher in a grocery store and now i'm working for progressive insurance. just had my one year anny. i'm making music on the computer, still geeking out, and recovering from the financial messes that i'd gotten into over these past few years. the irs is having a field day with me right now. yarg!

when i saw your posts i nearly shit my pants, i'd been wondering recently what's been going on with you and your daughter. i didn't respond to that first post since it was directed more for zoran. hope he's doing well too.

lj is a good way to keep in touch with me... i don't post too often, but i read it all the time.
*bows graciously to thee*

well it doesnt look like zoran is around and you know me well.. so please, by all means.. have a nice reply ^^